10 years of SunControlSpecies at Somatica

Our good friend and long term collaborator SunControlSpecies (also known under his Wombat moniker on Open Records) is clocking up a big 10 years of his highly successful project in 2011 and to celebrate, is putting together a special, one-off set of the absolute best of his music at Somatica Music, Arts and Culture Gathering in Victoria in April. For SunControlSpecies fans, this should be an absolutely momentous occasion, filled with plenty of nostalgia and of course, huge tunes from arguably Australia’s most celebrated and talented producer on the international progressive scene. To cap it off, he’s put the call out to everyone to request tunes via his Facebook page, click here to make your contribution. Worth the price of admission alone, you can also look forward to the live debut from Open Records’ Ed Motive and a swag of Australia’s best talent. Congratulations to Drew for 10 years of wicked tunes and look forward to seeing you all there!

Sun Control Species


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