1000 Facebook fans!

Having only reactivated our Facebook Fanpage a few weeks back when they introduced the new Bangpage by Rootmusic, we are stoked to announce we have already reached the 1000 member mark! We are shutting down our old Facebook Group in December, and while we are happy to have the 1000, there are still plenty more members in our group that haven’t make the switch to the new page so we urge you to do it before we shut the old one down completely! Big thanks to those who have made the switch, I’m sure you’ll agree the new Bangpage – which allows you to listen and download tracks and mixes directly from the site, as well as RSS feeds, Twitter feeds and more – is far superior to the group and is a great move from our favourite way to waste our lives, Facebook. Stay tuned, we are going to do some exclusive prizes and giveaways through our group this week!

>> Click here to check out the new Open Records bangpage


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