Open Records proudly presents Slow-Release, a stellar collection of deep progressive tunes compiled in Tropical North Queensland, Australia by Suspekt & Woodsman.

Slow-Release (adjective; “sLO-ri-“LEs) : Slow-release is a strategy in material science in which a chemical compound is introduced into a system at a reduced speed. Slow release systems work by reducing the diffusion of a chemical, therefore slowing its intake into the system. Slow-release combines the beneficial effects of applying a single large dose distributed over a long time in small quantities.

The music of Slow-Release follows this concept- deep, low BPM grooves, evolving atmospheres and building rhythmic progressions- all held together with a definite bass-heavy, tribal undertone.

With influences drawn from a broad range of progressive styles and an emphasis on high-level production and musicality- Slow-Release is a must for all fans of progressive music, DJs and listeners alike.

Including exclusive tracks and remixes from world-renowned producers Antix, D-Sens, Brisker & Magitman and FOG- Open Records also introduces fresh artists from the southern hemisphere: Embark, Eegor and Wombat (a new side-project of Australian master-producer Sun Control Species).

Pioneering a fresh sound in progressive music- Open Records invites you to experience their interpretation of the sound of the Australian festival daytime.

Prepare for the Slow-Release…


1. Antix- Le Lascard (Embark Remix) 130BPM
2. Brisker&Magitman – Clockwork 130BPM
3. Eegor – Prime Groover (Marathon Mix) 129BPM
4. FOG featuring V-Point – Seduction 128BPM
5. D-Sens vs Sirius Smooth – Tribalizer 132BPM
6. Sun Control Species – Nameless Blameless (Antix Remix) 132BPM
7. Wombat – Ride Control 133BPM
8. D-Sens – Save the Children 125BPM

Catalogue: OPNCD001
Compilation title: VA – Slow-Release Compiled by Suspekt & Woodsman
Mastering by Slow-Burning Studios, NZ
Artwork & design by Jason Rawlings
Release Date: January 2007

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