Earth Freq Festival

South East Queensland’s annual Earth Freq Festival returns again this weekend, bringing with it arguably it’s most stellar line-up of music, arts and culture yet. Focused on creating a meaningful party experience with a focus on sustainable lifestyle, the event features a wide range of music from live and instrumental to electronic (and everything in between) drawn from both internationally and around Australia. Organised by Open Records label DJ Paul Abad, the event is now one of the most highly anticipated on the Australian festival calendar and always features a strong Open line-up on the bill. This year, acts include visiting artist SQL alongside Australia’s Suspekt, Waltone, SunControlSpecies, Sensient, Solatek and of course, Paul Abad, alongside stellar names like Monoloc, Tetrameth, Opiou, Heyoka, An-Ten-Nae, Kazu Kimura, Andrew Till and loads more. The party also serves as a pre-launch party to the new Open Records compilation Depth Perception by Paul Abad and Solatek, featuring SQL’s storming techno monster Pocket Rocks. If you’re in Australia this is one festival you don’t want to miss, but online ticket sales have now closed so please either check in store or buy at the gate. For more information, check out the Earth Freq website here. See you there!

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Earth Freq Festival

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