Daintree Rainforest Festival cancelled at Daintree Station, looking for new venue

[message_box title=”EVENT UPDATE” color=”blue”]The festival has now re-branded as Freakquency Falls Festival as is taking place on the same weekend at Mungalli Falls Outdoor Education Centre in the lush rainforests of the Atherton Tablelands. Check out more details on the event here.[/message_box]

A spanner has been thrown in the works with the upcoming Daintree Rainforest Festival over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend in June.

After a meeting with the council, Daintree Rainforest Festival has been informed that Daintree Station’s current Material Change of Use Development permit does not hold the required permit for the event. The festival is now no longer happening at Daintree Station, but organisers are currently on the hunt for a new venue, with updates soon.

All online early bird presale tickets will be refunded back into the purchaser’s PAYPAL accounts.

“We have been advised by Council representatives that the venues current Material Change of Use Development permit in place does not hold the required permit for this event. Should we undertake the event without the necessary Material Change of Use Development permit in place, it would constitute a development offence in relation to which substantial penalties apply,” a statement from Daintree Rainforest Festival read.

“Due to these unfortunate circumstances which are out of our control we have been forced to cancel the Festival @ Daintree Station. We have been searching for another venue and will have updates on that ASAP.”

For more information, click here.

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