After featuring his track Vintage Lovers Unite on our last compilation Expansion Pack, along with heading Down Under personally to help us launch the CD, Open Records have long been keen to work again with our good friend Avishay, aka A. BALTER. Together with Perfect Stranger, A. Balter is one half of the team behind legendary label Digital Structures and one of Israel’s most respected DJs and artists. For our 21st digital release, Avishay delivers a pair of original works, showcasing two very different sides to his style. WALLA is a dusty desert weapon, blistering in intensity and perfectly suited to the peak time floor. With its driving bassline punctuated by a rising melodic hook and sharp percussion rhythms, Walla is essential for any discerning techno DJ or lover. On the flipside, RUBIK’S CUBE follows a different tangent, favouring a deeper, more pounding approach. Perfect for more twisted dancefloor moments, its dominating analogue lead and punching bass and kick lend themselves to both club and festival alike. We hope you enjoy this latest release from A. Balter and Open Records. Stay tuned, as our next compilation DEPTH PERCEPTION, featuring Mark Henning, ANNA, Seph, Subfractal, Fiord and a whole lot more, is just around the corner!

>> Click here to check out A. Balter – Walla / Rubik’s Cube at Beatport



1. A. Balter – Walla (Original Mix)

2. A. Balter – Rubik’s Cube (Original Mix)


RELEASE // 4/4/2011




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