Adam Giardina supports Minilogue

The set times for Mixed Bag at AJ Hackett in Cairns were released yesterday and Open Records are proud to announce that our longstanding friend and DJ Adam Giardina has been given the job of warming up the floor for Minilogue, Neelix and Infected Mushroom on the main stage! Along with being one of the nicest guys in showbiz, Adam proves every time he plays that he’s also one of the most talented DJs that our roster has to offer and well deserving of such a big support. If you’re heading along (let’s face it, if you’re in Cairns and you’re not, that’s your loss) make sure you head down and cheer Adsy on if you can! Adam isn’t the only Open DJ doing big things this weekend either. Suspekt and Motive have scored themselves a mainstage ┬áslot in between SunControlSpecies and Freq at Strawberry Fields Festival, and the Gavin Martin > Drewan > Thank You City (formerly known as Continuum for those not in the know) run is fantastic too. Both Gavin Martin and Woodsman will also represent at Shine On Festival this weekend too. Phew!

Tickets for Mixed Bag are available at AJ Hackett, Shiva Moon, Tastey, Fetish 4 Life and online at


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