Learn Ableton Live and studio production from Closer Apart’s Andy Kidd

Closer Apart Studio

Are you a budding music producer, DJ or musician looking to learn the ins and outs of Ableton Live or the studio? Andy Kidd from Open Records’ Closer Apart might have just the ticket, with his new one-on-one tuition courses available in Melbourne.

Andy is an experienced and working producer and live performer with releases on prestigious labels from across the globe, alongside performing both in Australian and internationally on a regular basis. He is an accomplished Ableton Live operator and instructor, also specializing In DAWs such as Logic & Pro Tools.

Andy can teach the fundamentals of creating a track from scratch, from creating a balanced mix using EQ, filters, reverb, compression and stereo, to orchestration and layering, the language of MIDI and using the black arts of synthesis to create fat drums, basslines, leads and pads. Also an accomplished vocalist, Andy can also help with setting up your signal flow in your studio and recording, and give inside hints on how to capture that perfect take.

Andy is a very personable guy and is happy to work with all ages and skill levels at your own pace. We highly recommend checking him out if you’re in Melbourne or the surrounding areas. For full information on what Andy is offering, please check out his page at Gumtree here.

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