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Pirate Ship Bush Week

One of Far North Queensland’s most anticipated boutique festival events returns on Monday, for 7 huge days of action at Home Rule Rainforest Retreat at Rossville, near Cooktown.

Featuring a bevy of Australia’s best artists from a wide variety of styles, from Spoonbill, Griff and Staunch, through to Open Records’ own Closer Apart, FunkForm, Jesse Kuch, Uzi vs Nick Bradley, Filthy Tomo and Traynor, it should be a top week of fun and frivolity in one of the most lush venues in the world.

With the mainstage music program kicking off on Friday and running through the weekend, you’ll need to get in early to catch it all! Full set times are below (not 100% finalised, Open Records artists are in bold). For more info about Bush Week Festival 2013, click here.


16:20 Beatrice
17:20 SeeD
18:20 Marz
19:40 Miss-MoOn
21:00 Griff
22:00 Cheshire
23:30 Shadow Fx
0:30 Closer Apart
1:30 Jesse Kuch
2:30 Bent Intent
5:00 DJ Super Chill Sunrise

Ear Floss

8:00 Mystery DJ
9:30 Kneedless
11:00 Alice Spacedoll
13:30 Mustapha
15:30 Señor Rudekat
18:00 Skurge & Monkie
19:00 Backwordman
20:00 Afrogalactic
21:00 Ziv
22:00 Blunt Instrument
23:00 Spoonbill
Midnight Staunch
1:00 Waltone
2:00 Uzi vs Nick Bradly
3:15 Paul Abad
4:30 BushMech
5:30 Psymon
7:00 Legacy
8:00 Tetrameth
10:00 FunkForm
11:00 Adam Giardina
12:00 Solomon
13:30 Spoonbill retro
15:00 LubDub
16:20 Billy Dread

LAKE STAGE (aka “The Renegade”)

2:00 Smiggle
3:00 Bear
4:00 Jekyll
5:30 illume
6:30 Brett2
8:00 Harmless Prankster
9:30 END

Sunday Night:
21:00 Rodney
21:00 lucious deed
22:30 Alias
00:00 Ethereal
01:30 Filthy Tomo
03:30 Traynor
6am END

Bush Week Festival


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