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After a few delays (our longstanding fans will probably see the sarcasm in this!), Solatek and Paul Abad‘s long-awaited compilation Depth Perception is finally mastered and ready to go, with Paul putting the finishing touches on his mix this week. Full news of the compilation will be announced next week (including a very special surprise in how are going to deliver it… but more on that soon), but for now, we thought we’d share the tracklist with you, as it’s pretty damn exciting. From international luminaries like Mark Henning, ANNA, SQL, Seph, Fiord, Subfractal, Animaltek, Dima Gafner and Ryan Halifax, to Aussie favourites like Sensient, Waltone, Rex’n’Chappo (the new project from Ian and Philip from Decoy/The Imps) and Closer Apart (an exciting new duo out of Melbourne), Depth Perception is another smashing release from Open that we are sure you’ll all enjoy. More details very soon!


1 Mark Henning – Guilty Pleasures

2 Sensient – Tech Message (Seph Rmx)

3 Waltone – The Results

4 Sensient – Sloid

5 ANNA – I Love Techno

6 Fiord – Scratching The Sides (Ryan Halifax Rmx)

7 Subfractal – Down The Rabbit Hole (Dima Gafner Rmx)

8 SQL – Pocket Rocks

9 Animaltek РKarmikloops (Fiord Rmx)

10 Rex & Chappo – Boobie Trap (Open Mix)

11 Closer Apart – Last Word


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