Donate to Queensland Flood Appeal

While much of Australia is gearing up for the fun and frivolity of the festival summer, Open Records home state of Queensland is currently in one of its darkest hours. Devestating floods have ripped through much of the South East and Central parts of the state, inundating homes and leaving hundreds of thousands of people in a seriously dire situation. Over 10 people are confirmed dead and many more missing, with even the state’s capital Brisbane experiencing levels higher than the 1974 floods tonight. While Open Records home city of Cairns is largely dry (which is someone ironic as it’s normally one of the wettest parts of Australia), this is a crisis that will continue to affect the state for a long time and we urge everyone out there in Open land to donate a few bucks to the cause and help Queensland in its time of need. You can donate to The Premier’s Appeal here. If you need any more convincing about the seriousness of the floods, the video below speaks a thousand words…


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