Download Paul Abad’s Eclipse 2012 set at AU Underground Podcast

Still missing Eclipse 2012 Festival like we are? It’s been over  six weeks, but Australia’s most talked about shindig of 2012 left a deep impression with us here at Open Records, as it did with a majority of the people who attended the amazing party in the dusty wilderness of Far North Queensland. Well fear not! Open Records DJ Paul Abad was one of the awesome people who put the festival together, and has recently released his closing set of the Sun Stage on Thursday night as a free download courtesy of podcast series AU Underground.

Here is what Paul had to say himself:

“Eclipse 2012 Festival was an amazing gathering and global collaboration, and this set is a really special one for me, full of emotion considering I worked all year in the organising team to help make it happen, and so it was a big release right at the end of festival.

“The chance to close the Sun Stage was truly an honour and a special moment, and so I put together a set of some new music that’s really doing it for me right now plus some of my favourite tried and tested tunes. Looking back, I think this was my favourite set of all time and the ideal environment to play the kind of big techno i really like.

“This is a studio version of the set I played, the recording didn’t work but I think this mix captures the vibe of the set and follows the exact same track listing. Thank you to everyone who made the Eclipse 2012 Festival what it was, and to the Sun Stage Crew and Ishtar Crew.”

Enjoy, and big thanks to Paul Abad and Dylan Griffin from AU Underground for the tunes!

AU Underground Paul Abad



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