Download Tonelab’s Moonduster for free

To say thanks for the big support he received on his debut release Backyard Bender, Tonelab has been kind enough to offer up his new original Moonduster as a free download via Open Records.

While the project is new, the talent definitely isn’t. Philip Rex is one of Australia’s most accomplished bass players (including winner of an ARIA for Best Jazz Album in 1996), alongside years in the electronic music scene working alongside Ian Chaplin in Decoy, Rex’n’Chappo and IMPS (the latter also featuring Marcus and Seb from Minilogue).

Tonelab is his new solo project focused on cutting-edge techno and house, with touches of the jazz and outdoor psychedelia on which he built his career. We hope you enjoy this free lossless download of Moonduster via Soundcloud/The Artist Union, or Bandcamp.

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of Tonelab’s debut single Backyard Bender on Open Records, it’s available at all major retailers and streaming services here.



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