Eegor’s Austrian ski fields promo – FREE DOWNLOAD

Long-standing Open Records artist and gigolo Richie Eegor has been in Europe for a while, and after a stint in France producing some tunes with another Open original and Bus Records owner D-Sens, has found his way to back to Austria (where he started his journey) to work in the ski fields as a DJ in a nightclub as well as play mega clubs like Pratasauna in Vienna. If that’s not the dream job in the world, we don’t know what it is, congrats Richie! To celebrate his glorious lifestyle in the cold, Richie has done up this wicked DJ mix featuring a bunch of his favourite tunes, alongside a stash from the Open and Bus vaults. Free download to first 100 people, check it out! Also, look out for D-Sens vs Eegor – No Rush In Paradise, coming very soon on Open Records!



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