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Open Records are back in the game and proud to present our first release in more than a year with FunkForm’s Imprinted.

Featuring four of Australia’s most exciting names in progressive music – FunkForm, Matter, GMJ and Maxi Basshead – Imprinted is a return to Open Records’ roots and a perfect way to kick off a big year of releases.

FunkForm’s original mix is pure deep progressive goodness, with a massive bottom end and soaring atmospherics. A feature of FunkForm’s live show for a long time, we’re super happy this one is finally getting a release.

Matter’s sun-soaked remix conjures up Aussie festival vibes. It’s super deep, but still has enough groove to move any dancefloor.

GMJ’s cosmic vibes are sure to please anyone looking for something cosmic, emotive and full of warm bass.

Meanwhile, Maxi Basshead’s interpretation favours a slightly heavier approach (he certainly isn’t kidding about the bass!).

Stay tuned for previews of FunkForm’s original and the Matter remix in the coming weeks at our Soundcloud page before the release drops at Beatport on May 2.

Big thanks to Drew Davidson from The Humble Grove Mastering for his wonderful work in the studio and all the artists for their patience and professionalism.

OPNDG045 FunkForm Imprinted Matter GMJ Maxi Basshead Remixes Open Records

For some free lossless from music from FunkForm, check out his remix of Thankyou City’s Nothin’ But Chi.


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