FunkForm – Synthesia available at Beatport and Spotify with GMJ & Matter Remix

FunkForm’s long-awaited new single Synthesia is available now at Beatport and Spotify, now with a killer remix by GMJ & Matter.

A favourite from FunkForm’s live sets in recent years, Synthesia’s driving bass, swirling atmospheres and powerful leads combine to make it one of the best pieces of progressive music you’ll hear this year and a stellar return to form for the Australian innovator.

But that’s not all! After both posting remixes on FunkForm’s last release Imprinted, fellow Aussie masters GMJ & Matter combine to rework the original in spectacular style, taking a slightly deeper approach but retaining its powerful emotions and evolving melodies.

STREAM & DOWNLOAD: FunkForm – Snythesia featuring GMJ & Matter Remix

Support from Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur, Anthony Pappa, Cid Inc, Stereo Underground, Marc Poppcke, Soul Button, Sonic Union, Dale Middleton, THe WHite SHadow, Bog, Gai Barone, John Johnson, Cevin Fisher, Tash and many more.

Out at Beatport & Spotify on November 27 with remix by GMJ & Matter.

Nick Warren (The Soundgarden): Very cool remix.
Robert Babicz (BABICZSTYLE, Bedrock, Systematic, Selador): Nice!
Guy Mantzur (Kompakt, Bedrock, Lost & Found): Love them both, beautiful music
Cid Inc (Replug, Tenampa, Lost & Found): Beautiful release, both mixes rock!
Marc Poppcke (Crossfrontier Audio): Both versions are cool. Thanks for sending!
Anthony Pappa (Global Underground/Renaissance): Some nice tracks that will be used.
Sonic Union (Lowbit): Killer! Original and remix are class! Lovely deep prog vibes! Thanks!
Soul Button (Steyoyoke): Both cool, thanks!
Matan Caspi (Global Underground, Armada, Baroque): Will support on Beat Avenue.
Dale Middleton (Sudbeat, Sex On Wax, Plattenbank): GMJ & Matter remix is very good!!
Darin Epsilon (Perspectives, Sudbeat, Hope, Perfecto): Liking the deep and mysterious sounding remix.
Stereo Underground (Sudbeat, Lost & Found, Plattenbank): Very nice music, Toda!
Tim Penner (J00F/Slideways Sessions): Nice, really enjoying both of these.. but the punch in the remix is a bit more my taste.
THe WHite SHadow (FR) (Tenampa, Chilli Mint, Chapter 24): Nice EP 😉
BOg (Bedrock, Innervisions, Tarnished Tracks): Original is a great builder!
Gai Barone (microCastle, Perfecto, Armada, Platipus, Black Hole): Awesome!
Barry Jamieson (Bedrock, Circular Sound Recordings): Cool EP!
Pena (Flow Vinyl): Both huge as always! many thanks for the great music!
Sanjay Dutta (Lost & Found): Very good music. Supporting. Thanks.
Tash (Movement / Tribalvision / Volt Club / Thessaloniki Greece): Massive!
Luka Sambe (Perspectives Digital, Mesmeric, Particles): Nice atmospheres.
Vinayak^a (Bedrock, Mesmeric, Re-PLug): Wonderful ep… great to hear funkform and super mix by GMJ & Matter…boom.
Alex Nemec (Mirabilis Records / Rekluse / Tronic): Both work for me.
Maydan (Asymmetric): Love the remix, thanks for sending.
Paul Hazendonk (Manual Music): Intense!
Luke Santos (Global Underground): Great release, thank you!
Alec Araujo (Frisky Radio, Asymmetric, Clinique Recordings): Stunning original track. Amazing remix by GMJ & Matter. Thanks.
Nila Alin (DNA FM): Ace, loving this. Really deep groove on original. Remix is spot on too.
gizA djs (Diynamic): SOLID! Support.
Nick Varon (Sudbeat, Asymmetric Recordings, Lowbit): GMJ REMIX FOR ME!
Progressive House Worldwide (website): Absolutely massive stuff from all the Aussies here, FunkForm with another exceptional original right up my alley. Matter and GMJ giving it a superb crank as well, I’m definitely going to spin both of these! Thanks for sending guys!
Martin Garcia (Great Stuff, Manual, Sound Avenue, Perfecto, Shinichi, Bedrock): Remix for me. Thanks for the music.
John Johnson (ICONYC, 238W): Great EP, full support!
Cevin Fisher (Pacha NYC): Nice Proggy energy here.. CFNYC
Marcelo Vasami (Frisky Radio / Sudbeat / Afterglow / Replug): Great release, thanks!
DJ Casper / Phraktal / Dublin): Very nice EP. Will support, thanks.
Praveen Achary (Replug, Juicebox, Microcastle): Great to hear from Funkform on Open again! Top remix by GMJ & Matter as well.
We Love Prog (Blog): nice tracks!! thanks
Lonya (Sudbeat , Parquet, Asymmetric): Good stuff!
Juliane Wolf (Manual/Cinematique): Wow! Emotional bomb and synthesis on its best form.
Simos Tagias (Proton, Particles, Replug, Movement): Both mixes are awesome, thanks.
Ryan Sullivan (Triplefire Music / Gut Feel Records): Both original and GMJ remix are excellent, full support!
Anthony Huttley (Toa Sound podcast): Huge tunes! Well done lads, I love them both, but if I have to choose just one, I’d take the remix.
Lemon 8 ( Basic Beat Recordings): Awesome release. Mesmerizing… Thanks.
dreamAwaken (Open Records): Wow this is so lush…original is amazing and remix is awesome, what to say…
Kiss FM (Australia): Original on rotation, thanks.
Tini Tun (All around / We Are Here Records): Great remix from GMJ & Matter, thanks!
Feemarx (Not Another Music): Such nice involving sounds here!
Mixfeed Agency (Radio Show): Both are perfect!! downloading for Mix Feed Radio Show.
Predrag – Sounds Of Pr- Iv (Sounds Of Pr): Fantastic!
Jamie Stevens (Bedrock, Chameleon, Get Physical, Sudbeat, microCastle): Wicked production and vibe but stylistically not something I’d play. In saying that I might take the remix and see if I find a spot for it.
Steve Marx (Australia): Both the original and remix are wicked. Both will be played at Return to Rio this weekend.
DJ PAUL (official): Very Good!!!!!!!!!!!! I like it .
Andy Woods (Quartz and DARKND): Cool release
Priya (Underground Tel Aviv, Beats And Beyond- NL and Decoded Magazine): Love the two, thanks.
Tim Benjamin (Proton Radio/Encore): Good stuff, support.
Interaxxis (Hope / Plattenbank Records / Replug / Tulipa): Really nice, thanks!
Pauke Schaumburg (Soulful Techno, EIN2, Jeahmon!, Pour La Vie): Very nice!
Gvozdini (Replug/Movement/Manual/Proton): Whole EP is great, thanks.
Adam Husa (Bad Pony): Remix for me!
Dimitri Schnider / Definition (Definition Music): Excellent work, big thanks!
Connect channel (Brazilain Blog): Big remix!
Louk Pour-Hashemi (24/7 Magazine, Core Magazine): GMJ & Matter mix is cool!
William Daniel (Tillate Magazine Reviewer Inside Out Resident): Wicked stuff.
SOUNOM Music (HeavensGate Deep, BFBS (/ Di.Fm / Kiss FM Ukraine / LazerFM Chicago / Diesel.FM): Great deep progressive vibe with tiny raw elements. Thanks!
Pete Bidwell (Cafe Mambo): Nice!
Ramiro Puente (Chilli Funk, Tenampa, Mexico): Will play
DJ Ogawa (Japan): very good sounds! thanks

FunkForm - Synthesia with GMJ & Matter Remix


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