FunkForm’s Comes And Goes hits the Beatport charts in only 24 hours!


Proving that we aren’t the only ones who think that FunkForm’s Comes And Goes is the business, the release just made it’s first appearance in Beatport’s charts in the Techno Top 100 Releases at No.96 on Tuesday, closely followed by  No.43 in the Progressive House Top 100 Releases today!

It’s another notch on the belt for the fast-rising Cairns producer, who has managed to maintain his perfect record of every single release on Open finding its way into the charts somewhere. The writing is on the wall! If you haven’t got your hands on this stunning release yet, please support the little Aussie artist that could and get yourself a copy here.

It’ll be one of the best musical favour you did yourself all year and you’ll be doing your bit to support fresh Australian electronic music at its best. Stay tuned for more from FunkForm, including his monster but yet-untitled album to be released in the latter half of 2013. For the meantime, follow FunkForm at Facebook here.

Beatport Progressive House Top 100 Releases

Prog House 43 Beatport Chart

Beatport Techno Top 100 Releases

Techno 96


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