Grigori gets around! VDMO Kstati on fire…

Open Records’ resident VJ and webmaster Grigori (better known as VDMO Kstati) certainly is a busy boy. His gig schedule makes superstar DJs look like slackers, doing his thing alongside the biggest in the business every weekend in some best venues and events in the country from the whole gamut of the electronic music spectrum. VJs don’t often get the credit that DJs and producers do, yet play an equally important role in making most of the best nights of your life happen. Three cheers to the Crazy Russian, you’re on fire!!!

James Zebiela and VDMO Kstati

James Zabiela and Grigori at Brown Alley in May.

Tom Clark, Volta and Grigori

Tom Clark, Volta and Grigori at Brown Alley in March.

Guy J and Grigori

Guy J and Grig at Roxanne Parlour in June.

Grig and Deepchild

Grig and Deepchild at Bimbo Deluxe in February.

Phil K and Grig

Phil K and Grig at Loop Bar in June.

To keep up with the busiest VJ in showbiz, check out his official website here. Photos credit: VDMO Kstati & VJ Lightsoulja.


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