Join the Thunderclap campaign and say no to the proposed nightclub curfew in Queensland

No Curfew

After promising to relax liquor licensing laws before the last election, the Queensland government is proposing to impose a 1am lockout and 3am curfew on Queensland’s nightclubs. This will cause irreparable damage to Queensland’s vibrant nightlife and electronic music scene.

We believe the actions of a small group of ultra intoxicated patrons is causing a knee-jerk reaction from the government. It’s time the silent majority have our voices heard so policy makers can consider our opinions and not just those of nanny-staters, alarmists and vested interests.

Closing clubs early will no doubt make it very hard to tour international DJs and artists through Queensland, destroying the club scene and seriously hurting labels like us trying to support local electronic music.

We believe in safe drinking through responsibility NOT bans which punish innocent citizens and hurt business. We believe safe drinking environments will only come through promoting a culture of responsibility and not kicking innocent punters onto the street.

Our music, nightlife and way of life is under threat! If you want to protect it, please join No Curfew’s Thunderclap campaign here, and make your voice heard. More info is at Facebook here.


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