“Deep synth lines, driving bass and pulsating rhythms are all part of Matter’s captivating signature style.”

From humble beginnings as a self confessed vinyl addict and DJ, rocking the clubs and festivals of London and Melbourne, Matter now finds solace in his studio sculpting raw sounds into complex waveforms. His vision is simple but profound; with each production, Matter builds a rich emotional collage for the audience, complete with deep atmospheres, hypnotic percussion and blissful motifs, facilitating an altered state of being for the listener and a stronger connection with those around them.

As a live performer, Matter brings his own unique energy, along with an assault of controllers & drum machines, engaging the crowd and shaping each performance into its own distinct experience. With releases on Proton, Balkan Connection, Soundteller and of course, Open, and forthcoming releases on Juicebox and J00F Recordings, Matter is one of Australia’s premiere progressive house producers and live performers.

A recent collaboration project with GMJ signals an exciting sonic meeting point with many more releases and remixes planned in the not to distant future!

The last 12 months saw the birth of Ultra Sound. An acclaimed and regularly charting monthly show on Proton Radio, showcasing the latest and finest in progressive and melodic techno, with very special guest DJ appearances every month.


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