Californian collective Terrakroma has certainly carved out a niche with their unique take on electronica.

Founded by Andrew, Armando and Gabriel in LA, their eclectic sound strikes a perfect balance between organic and synthesized, with a strong focus on deep bass grooves and progressive and techno influences.

Drawing on a wide range of influences (many of which lie beyond the electronic spectrum), Terrakroma’s live sets are a journey through rhythm, emotion and experimentation – psychedelic in the true sense of the word.

Alongside performing regularly across the US, they have released music on respected labels from across the globe, including Desertrax, ON&OFF Records, Adapted Records, Horn and Hoofs Records and of course, Open, with their EP Huaska available at now.

Their Centrefold EP, a free lossless download on the Open Records page, remains the label’s most played and downloaded release of all time.

Other published Terrakroma artists also includes Nikroma, from Zenon Records, and Willy Electronarcosis.


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