Tonelab is a new project by Philip Rex, previously of celebrated electronic projects Decoy, Rex’n’Chappo and IMPS, and one of Australia’s most successful jazz musicians.

Philip started his musical life as a teenage double bassist, playing in Melbourne jazz clubs till 1am before donning his school uniform early the next morning. This quickly blossomed into a professional career that has spanned decades and continents, as one of the most in-demand double bass players on the scene.

From early on Philip was also experimenting with composition using synthesizers and drum machines, and this eventually led to the formation of Decoy, which sparked off a 20-year musical collaboration with Ian Chaplin.

Together they played at most major outdoor festivals in Australia and many across Europe, including Vuuv, Glade, Wonderland, Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore, Eclipse and Maitreya, and released albums and tracks on a host of labels throughout the world.

With Tonelab, Philip draws on this rich musical background, combining thumping techno and house grooves with unmistakable elements of outdoor psychedelia.

Tonelab’s unique brand of dance music revels in a love of experimentation and improvisation, with achingly beautiful harmonic and melodic textures that take the dance floor on a deep musical journey.

Tonelab has quickly become a much-loved local act, playing prime-time slots around Melbourne at venues such as New Guernica (Doesn’t Matter), My Aeon (Big Red Bus), and The Railway Hotel.

Tonelab’s debut release Backyard Bender is out on Open Records on February 20, 2017.


Tonelab Backyard Bender


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