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Open Records is proud to present the first edition of our new retrospective compilation series WIDE.

Showcasing the finest music from the across the whole Open Records catalogue, WIDE signals the start of a very busy 2013 for Open Records.Featuring everyone from international luminaries like Matador, King Unique, Criss Source, Jamie Stevens, Miki Litvak, Nir Shoshani, Erphun and Switchbox, to Open Records favourites dreamAwaken, Hubert Kirchner, Child, Pow-Low, R.E.Z., FunkForm, GMJ and MUTation, WIDE is a stellar collection of sounds for the discerning techno DJ or listener alike.

For those of you whove been following us from the start, the WIDE series serves as a timely reminder of those hidden gems buried in our catalogue from over the years. For those who havent, its the perfect introduction the sound and vibe of Open, without having to dig all the way through our back catalogue!

1. DreamAwaken – 8 Bit In A Bit (Original Mix)
2. Hubert Kirchner – Pupil (Original Mix)
3. Switchbox – When It’s Hot (Jamie Stevens Remix)
4. Child – Goa (Miki Litvak & Nir Shoshani Remix)
5. MUTation – Everyone Is Creative (Rex’n’Chappo Remix)
6. GMJ – First There Was Sound (Jamie Stevens Remix)
7. Pow-Low – Revolution (FunkForm Remix)
8. MUTe – Modern Talk (Matador Remix)
9. R.E.Z. – First Circuit (Criss Source Remix)
10. Erphun – Seenak (King Unique Remix)

Open Records - VA - WIDE


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