Learn to write music from one of Australia’s best producers at Interpulse Intuition


Interpulse Intuition is a new online master course from Richard Hinkson, one of Australia’s most experienced producers and live acts. 

Richie first made his name in the mid-90s as part of some of Australia’s first psytrance production outfits, but made his name as one half of the legendary duo Mantrix. Later in his career, he has been releasing new solo material under the monikers Interpulse and Interdream. Interpulse released his album Eye On A Sphere on Open Records in 2012 and has now releases on labels like Weapon, JOOF and Interchill.

Interpulse Intution

What you learn:

Progressive Production Solutions is a course designed for electronic music producers who are looking to lift their sound quality and production efficiency. The course focuses on the fundamental elements of electronic music and how they can be produced to a very high standard of sound quality, in a simple process.

There are certain things that have to be done just about every time a producer makes a track. By identifying what these essential elements are, and identifying the most efficient and powerful means of producing these elements, the production process becomes easier, with excellent results.


How to accurately reference against other mastered music – virtually eliminating the problem of wondering if your sound is right.

Kick Drum Synthesis

Learn to synthesize your own awesome kick drums quickly and easily, with complete control over their tone – with no need for eq or compression.

Bass Synthesis

Learn to synthesize your own bass from scratch quickly and easily, with complete control over the tone.

Mixdown Technique

Learn to mixdown your track in a systematic manner that gets great results.

Routing techniques

Learn to use logical routing techniques that reduce the need for engineering.

Production Templates

Learn to save time and energy by turning the lessons into a production template from which you can start new tracks.

The course also covers a wide range of software tools, Atmospheric Synthesis, Rhythmic Synthesis, Workspace organisation. Please note, this course does not cover composition, it focuses on sound quality, size and clarity of the fundamental elements of electronic music.

How The Course Is Taught:

Video Tutorials

The course consists of an excellent series of online video tutorials alongside supporting information. The videos are only viewable online. You may not make any copies of the videos. You can watch the videos as many times as you like.

Online Mentoring

The course comes with one year online mentoring service for asking your questions. After the year is up you can still view the videos and the forum.

For Ableton, FL Studio and Logic Pro, the one year question period will start when they are released so you can take advantage of the discounted enrolment fee now even if you want to wait for those videos.

For full information about Progressive Production Solutions from Interpulse Intuition, check out their official website.


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