Metapattern live at Open:Source:01

Open Records and Earth Frequency Festival are proud to announce Metapattern as the first support for Stephan Bodzin at OPEN:SOURCE:01 in Brisbane.

With his love of live, analogue grooves echoing that of our headliner, Metapattern is sure to excite those looking for something a little different from your standard DJ or live show.

The term metapattern was coined by Gregory Bateson and was used to describe inter-pattern relationships; patterns of patterns.

The engine that drives this exploration is a series of patterns or sequences which are around 2 to 8 bars in length.

These sequences are reimagined live for every performance making the show a unique and evolving experience driven by the people who take part.

Patterns are reconfigured live through audio manipulation tools such as micro-looping, delays and remixing of select elements.

A drum machine and TB-303 clone are then improvised on top of the 8 loop channels which are all summed and effected further on a mixer, resulting in a highly-improvised piece which will never be played the same way again.

For your chance to experience live analogue techno and electronica at its finest, don’t miss OPEN:SOURCE:01 ft. Stephan Bodzin at The TBC Club on November 20.

More support acts will be announced soon, but until then, secure your place and grab your ticket at


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