What do you think of the new Beatport Beta?

Beatport has finally delivered its long-awaited upgrade, and we must say we are impressed with the results. Not only in function, but also the way they are rolling it out. Unlike a lot of tech companies, they are showing a lot of respect for their users and labels/artists by rolling out the changes through a Beta test (you can apply here) and seem to be listening to what people are saying with genuine interest. We also welcome HTML5 the new “My Beatport” section that shows you not only what was released this week, but the last date of release for every artist and label you follow, which is great if you cant always log on to the site on a weekly basis. You still need a code to get into the Beta, but Beatport say they are launching in spring (read Autumn in Australia), but will still provide the old site for a while for those who don’t like the new one (god knows why you wouldn’t!). What do you think??? Let us know in the comments below!

New Beatport Homepage


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