What do you think of the new look Open Records website?

If you’ve logged onto our website in the last little while, you may have noticed a dramatic update to the site’s look and function. We’ve been hard at work for the last couple of days giving the site a complete refresh from the ground up, with a modern, minimalist design aesthetic and updated sections and content.

Not everything is visible at the moment – we are still doing a lot of tweaking to get it right – but I’m sure you’ll agree the new look is a good one. Please feel free to send us your opinion of what you think of the site and any suggests or issues you’re having with its use. If you do run into a problem, please let us know. In the end, we are trying to make it a better experience for you, our loyal fans, so there isn’t much point otherwise! A lot of the content is still going online – but expect by a week or so’s time, we’ll be fully operational.

Under Construction


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