North Queensland Soundcloud group

Soundcloud is one of our favourite tools here at Open Records, and with the growing number of artists and producers in North Queensland we saw it fit to start a group so everyone can start sharing the sounds. We don’t care what style the tunes are, as long as they made in North Queensland, we want to hear them! We figure it’s also a good way to producers from up and down the coast from Mackay all the way up to the tip to network and make some connections. We plan to get together some Soundcloud meet ups soon too, so stay tuned. We hope you all join and start sharing your tunes, we’ve just added the first one up to kick things off. If you feel like sharing your soundcloud page with us (if you’re from North Queensland or not), feel free to do it on the comments on this page.

>> Click here to check out the North Queensland Soundcloud group

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