For our first OPEN AIRWAVES for 2011, we are proud to present the exciting new project Rex’n’Chappo from Philip Rex and Ian Chaplin, known for their previous work under the moniker Decoy, as well as The Imps project with Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson (Son Kite/Minilogue). With this new identity comes not only a new name, but a new approach to music, both from a production and live sense. Both celebrated jazz musicians long before their careers in electronic music, Philip and Ian have taken the raw improvisational spirit of jazz and combined it with their technical know-how to create a unique project that is “live” in every sense of the word. Their aim is to never play the same set twice, giving both them and the dancefloor a truly interactive and tactile experience. While their music is already being snapped up by some of the world’s most respected labels, including a vinyl release on Varianz Records in Berlin as well as an upcoming release on Open Records on their soon-to-be released Depth Perception compilation, their main focus for the time being is playing live and improvising. Because of this fact, the following set, taken live from the mainstage at Maitreya Festival in Australia last weekend, has no set list. Instead, it’s a free flowing live techno jam from two of Australia’s finest musicians, producers and performers. Enjoy it, coz these old dogs are!


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