With Soundcloud, we thought one Cloud would be all we’d ever need… but as time goes on, things aren’t like they used to be and our loves grows distant. Soundcloud never calls anymore, she acts like she doesn’t care and I can’t even remember the last time we slept together… the fire is gone. So we think it’s time to start seeing someone else… and that special lady is Mixcloud! Seriously though, we’re not giving up on Soundcloud, but Mixcloud is a pretty cool service on the mix set / podcast side of things, and we’ll be hosting up our podcast series OPEN AIRWAVES on there from now on. It’s got a pretty nifty player widget (as you can see with our MUTe set below) and has some pretty cool sets on there if you go trawling. Hasn’t been fully picked up like Soundcloud has yet, but we expect it still has quite a bit of room to grow. Hope you enjoy OPEN AIRWAVES 003 by MUTe, and if you want to cut our grass and get with our ex, we’ve got the set up at Soundcloud too!


1. Eitan Reiter + A. Balter -iRich (Andreas Henneberg rmx) (Digital Structures)

2. Hennon-Heart to Ear (HERZBLUT)

3. Boris Brejcha-Freunde Finden (HartHouse)

4. Stephan Bodzin-A side

5. MUTe-IsBizz (Coming Soon-Open Records)

6. MUTe-Modern Talk (Open Records)

7. Weekend Heroes-Fear Factor (Open Records/PlasticPark)

8. Perfect Stranger-Stardust (Eitan Reiter rmx) (Iboga rec)

9. MUTe-Modern Talk(Matador rmx) (Coming Soon-Open Records)


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