Open on BBC Radio 1

It is with great joy that we learned that the legendary John Digweed featured a tune from Open Records in his Essential Mix for Pete Tong’s Radio show on BBC Radio 1 last weekend. Jamie Stevens’ remix of First There Was Sound has definitely been on of the hot tracks of May and this wicked new in its last days seals off a big start to 2010 for Open Records. Our new release by R.E.Z., featuring remixes by Criss Source, SQL and Kinga is currently on promotion and label boss Ian Woodsman also has his hot new double disc compilation Expansion Pack ready for you guys as well. Digweed’s Essential Mix is online for the next 5 days… so make sure you listen while it’s still up there. And thanks to Mr Digweed himself, for supporting Jamie, Gavin and Open Records!

>> Click here to check out John Digweed’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix on May 29

And of course, if you want to get your grubby little mits on GMJ’s First There Was Sound EP, featuring the Jamie Stevens Remix as well as the GMJ original, Fulcrum & Continuun Remixes, check us out at your favourite way to send yourself broke,


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