Open Records at Bush Remedy at Cape Tribulation, Daintree

Our good friends at No Qualms Records host a big shindig from March 23-24 at PK’s Jungle Village at Cape Tribulation, one of the jewels of the world heritage-listed Daintree National Park in Far North Queensland. The venue is one of the Daintree’s best known accommodation and party venues and the event promises to be a real treat, with Grouch and Multiverse coming in from New Zealand and the Gold Coast respectively, along with a huge swag of local talent. Of course, Open Records’ own FunkForm, Waltoneand Uzi find themselves on the bill, so if that’s not a reason to make the trip north to the heart of the Daintree, we don’t know what is. More details here.

Check out FunkForm’s Even Elevens, released as part of the Magnetics EP on March 26… fresh!

Bush Remedy


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