Open Records at Eclipse 2012 Festival in Cairns from November 10-16

Open Records’ hometown of Cairns plays host to one of the biggest astronomical and astrological events we’ll witness in our skies this year next month, with a total solar eclipse on November 14. As is customary, a massive music, arts and lifestyle event is headed our way to coincide with Eclipse 2012, promoted by a collaboration between some of the world’s biggest festivals including Rainbow Serpent, Glade, Symbiosis, Mother, Subsonic, Shine On and many more. Being in our hometown, a massive contingent of Open talent is set to take to the stage, from our local heroes right through to artists from our roster from across the entire globe. Check out the stages below for the full line-up, and if you haven’t got your tickets booked yet, get cracking… it’s just around the corner!

Eclipse Sun Stage

Eclipse Sky Stage

Eclipse Axis Stage

Eclipse Moon Stage

Eclipse Earth Stage

Eclipse Chill Temple


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