Open Records launches new Retrospective compilation series Wide

Have you ever sat down and listened to the whole Open Records catalogue at once? We did recently and we realised exactly how much amazing music we’ve put out over the years, a lot of which has been very successful for us, but with an equal amount that has managed to go under the radar.

In this spirit, we thought you guys might like a reminder of some of the great tunes we’ve released since we kicked off, without having to skim through our entire catalogue. WIDE is a brand new compilation series that aims to showcase the very best music from Open Records catalogue from our launch to the present day, with both chart hits and hidden gems side-by-side.

The smallest of factors can mean great music really doesn’t make a splash when it’s first released, so we think this is a great way of both reminding the faithful of our impressive back catalogue, and introducing those who haven’t been listening to us for our whole history to some great music. We hope you enjoy this first volume, expect more from the WIDE series (and our first EP for the year from Terrakroma) very soon!

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1. DreamAwaken – 8 Bit In A bit
2. Hubert Kirchner – Pupil
3. Switchbox – When It’s Hot (Jamie Stevens Remix)
4. Child – Goa (Miki Litvak & Nir Shoshani Remix)
5. MUTation – Everything Is Creative (Rex’n’Chappo Remix)
6. GMJ – First There Was Sound (Jamie Stevens Remix)
7. Pow-Low – Revolution (FunkForm Remix)
8. MUTe – Modern Talk (Matador Remix)
9. R.E.Z. – First Circuit (Criss Source Remix)
10. Erphun – Seenak (King Unique Remix)

RELEASE // APRIL 1, 2013



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