Open Records music features on rollerblading film

Yasutaka Asakura - Savanna

With more than a bit of rollerblading pedigree in the label’s artist roster (label manager Jesse Kuch is an rollerblader), Open Records is extremely proud to have both Pow-Low – Revolution (The Flying Mustards Remix) and Solead – Butte Montemartre featured in the latest Fantastic Movie skate film, courtesy of Japan’s Yasutaka Asakura (pictured above, by Masashi Sawamura).

Yasutaka is one of Japan’s most talented skaters and is a big force in driving the rollerblading culture in his home country, some of which you’ll see in Fantastic Movie #16. Big thanks to Yasutaka for supporting Open Records and we invite anyone who wants to use our music for edits such as this – be it rollerblading, skateboarding, wakeboarding, whatever – to get in touch. We’re happy to work with you! If you’re interested in using Open Records music in your video, hit us up here.


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