Open Records Soundcloud page hits 16K followers

Soundcloud has always been our favourite social network and we’ve been with them since the very start.

This week, we’re proud to announce we’ve notched up 16,000 followers for the first time.

We’re extra proud because the growth has always been completely organic, without paying a dime on any promotion services that are so common these days.

It’s also great for our artists, because we are part of a new Beta for Soundcloud where our artists get paid for the streams on the platform in a similar way to Spotify and other services.

That means every time you listen to our music on Soundcloud, you’re putting a small bit back into the pocket of the artists making the music you love.

A huge thanks to all our friends, fans and artists around the world for their support.

Without you guys, all this is pointless so we raise our glasses to you!

If you aren’t on board the Soundcloud train yet, follow Open Records.


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