Eegor & D-Sens at Paradise Festival in Austria

Both D-Sens and Eegor have just been announced to play the epic Paradise Festival in Austria on July 7-10, one of the country’s biggest and best recongised outdoor events. Richie obviously impressed the Vienna crew when he played megaclub Pratersauna earlier this year, so they’ve invited both Mat and Richie back to headline the Sun Stage (progressive/techno/minimal/tech-house floor) of this huge event. If you’re in the area, we highly suggest checking the event out. It also features names ┬álike Florian Meindl, Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, DJ Slater and loads more. Check out the official website here. For D-Sens & Eegor’s latest goodness on Open Records, check out No Rush In Paradise at Beatport here.

Paradise Festival Montage

Paradise Festival


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