Re-live Rainbow Serpent Festival 2014 with these awesome live recordings


The dust has finally settled after Australia’s epic bush soiree Rainbow Serpent Festival, but luckily for us, we’ve got a chance to re-live some of the best of the weekend’s musical memories.

Many of this year’s best artists have been kind enough to share their live sets from the Australia Day weekend festivities, from Open Records favourites like Interpulse (who had an epic midnight main stage slot after The Orb), Moodmachine and Timmus, to international stars like Dousk and Aussie innovators like Dylan Griffin, Thad LesterĀ and Uone.

If you were part of the biggest crowd in Rainbow Serpent Festival history, here is your chance to return to the dust and re-live some of the weekend’s best techno and house music. If you weren’t, saddle up and prepare to start kicking yourself for what you missed.


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