After a release on prestigious Berlin label Varianz, Open Records is proud to present our first release from Rex’n’Chappo – a new project from two of Australia’s most talented musicians, composers and producers, Ian Chaplin and Philip Rex. Ian and Phillip’s pedigree is nothing short of stellar; playing on countless ARIA Award-winning albums for Jazz (the Australian equivalent of the Grammy Awards), alongside being part of two successful electronic music projects – progressive trance outfit Decoy who released albums on Dance’n’Dust and Iboga Records; and live jazz techno/house imprint The Imps with Sebastian Mullaert & Marcus Henriksson from Minilogue.

With this new identity comes not only a new name but a new approach to music – both from a production and live sense. When they take to the stage, it’s “live” in the true sense of the word, with a goal of never playing the same set twice. This not only creates a fun and interactive live experience for both Ian and Phillip, but also gives the dancefloor something unique to remember each and every time. As such, their singles are but snapshots of something much broader – but are no less impressive all the same.

Underpinned by a fat bass, Hurdy Gurdy’s bright pads, positive moods and evolving jazz-influenced melody line make it perfect for those sunny festival moments – particularly when it drops! Flipping the script, Stop Sleeping’s low slung tech-house rhythms and washed out atmosphere makes it a more subtle but no less effective weapon.

Finally, the pulsing Train Spies closes the release out with its relentless and hypnotic techno groove – bringing the end of this first offering on Open from this hot new Australian duo (but definitely not the last – stay tuned for Boobie Trap on Depth Perception soon). Enjoy it, coz these two old dogs are!


1. Rex’n’Chappo – Hurdy Gurdy (Original Mix)

2. Rex’n’Chappo – Stop Sleeping (Original Mix)

3. Rex’n’Chappo – Train Spies (Original Mix)


GENRE // Tech-House / Techno

RELEASE // August 1 (exclusive to Beatport)




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