Scratching The Sides Remixes OUT NOW

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our first release for 2010 has hit Beatport. Fiord’s Scratching The Sides was one of the most widely supported tunes from Expansion Pack, and we are super happy with both remixes delivered for this EP, by Israel’s Sheff and Germany’s Ryan Halifax. Both are already receiving a smashing from some of the biggest names in the business, including Stephan Bodzin, Umek, Dave Seaman, Sasha Carassi, Da Fresh, Christian Cambas, Jamie Stevens, The Advent, Hybrid and many more. We know you’ll agree with us when we say it’s some of the finest material to come from the Open Records stable yet! The release also forms a link between our most successful compilation of 2010 and our first for 2011, Depth Perception, compiled by Paul Abad and Solatek. Due for release in February, we’ll give you all the juicy details very soon. Stay tuned!


OPNDG019 // FIORD – Scratching The Sides // Ryan Halifax & Sheff Remixes by Open Records


Stephan Bodzin: “Halifax rocks!”
Umek: “Sheff delivers again!”
Hybrid: “Ryan Halifax’s is super futuristic and heavy as a space ship…Wicked mix….”
Orde Meikle (Slam): “Really like these guys stuff – both are cool remixes!”
Nihil Young: “Amazing remixes, love both!”
Sasha Carassi: “The Sheff remix is for me!”
Wehbba: “Ryan Halifax’s remix sounds nice, will give it a try, thanks.”
Jewel Kid: “Sheff’s remix is awesome!”
Aldrin: “Diggin’ Sheff’s juxtaposition of deep & dubby groove with intense soundscapes.”
Loco & Jam: “Liking Ryan Halifax Remix here… Will try.”
Jamie Stevens (Infusion): “REALLY digging Ryan’s work of late. killer mix! Sheff’s mix is really
special too. Top release guys.”
Dimitri Nakov (Tronic / emFire): “Cool track, Ryan Halifax mix rocks.”
The Advent: “Low down & dirty tech grooves.”
Secret Cinema: “The Halifax remix is really nice! Sheff’s crazy break will work definately too!”
Steve (Miniminds): “Nice remix package. Will def give them bothe a blast. Great work!!!”
Da Fresh: “Sheff rules!!”
Christian Cambas: “The Sheff remix takes the cake!”
Dave Seaman: “Both are interesting mixes, downloading!”
Marc De Pulse: “Ryan Halifax’s for me. Support.”
Chloe Harris (Mashtronic Rec, Proton Radio): “Sheff’s is funky and dark in all the right places.”
Jim Rivers: “The Sheff Remix for me!”
Dandi & Ugo: “Scratching The Sides (Sheff Remix) IS SUPER !!! THX”
Erphun: “Sheff’s mix is cool. Chuggy.”
Tom Hades: “Loving Sheff’s remixes ! always good stuff !!”
Manuel De La Mare: “Wow, Sheff rocks!”
Anthony Attalla (Incorrect Music): “love love LOVE the Ryan Halifax Remix! awesome!”
King Unique: “The Ryan Halifax Remix is a sturdy surger – thanks guys.”
Mason (Great Stuff): “Damn…”


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