Smash Bang and Chameleon Recordings Showcase at Revolver Upstairs

Chameleon Recordings

Our good friends at Smash Bang Records and Chameleon Records are getting together for a big night at Revolver Upstairs on May 31, featuring some of our favourite Australian live artists.

Smash Bang and Chameleon are two of Australia’s most innovative and exciting labels, and we can personally assure you this will be a stellar night of only the finest and most forward-thinking grooves, with an emphasis on live performance.┬áBut then again, any sane person shouldn’t need much convincing, with Steve Ward, Thankyou City, Oblique Industries, Timmus, Oddphonic and Planet Jumper on the bill!

Stay tuned for Timmus’ first release Skwizzle Kleph on Open Records in June, and stay tuned for news for our new compilation compiled by Jesse Kuch, featuring both Thankyou City and Oblique Industries very soon. Check more on the Smash Bang / Chameleon Recordings Showcase at Facebook here.

Smash Bang Chameleon Showcase


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