Solead – Havana featuring Child and Uone remixes out at Beatport

Fresh from the release of REX’N’CHAPPO‘s stunning Hurdy Gurdy EP, Open Records keeps it firing with another stunning release, this time by French masters SOLEAD. Featuring four lush tracks, including two originals – the crazy carnivale of Havana and the smooth, sophisticated grooves of Butte Montemartre – along with remixes by Australian artists CHILD and UONE, and the Havana release counts itself as Open’s biggest release of the year. Check it at Beatport here.



Dave Seaman (Audio Therapy): “Some nice vibes here.”
Guy J (Bedrock): “Butte Montmartre for me, thnx good luck!”
Tom Hades (Rhythm Converted): “Uone’s remix for me!”
Terry Francis (Fabric): “I like these. Butte Montmartre (Original Mix)”
Danny Tenaglia (Tommy Boy Records): “Havana (Child Remix) – Thanks!”
Balthazar (Renesanz/Bosphorus Underground/Neurotraxx): “Child remix for me!”
The Advent (Kombination Research): “Good all round… like most… thanks.”
Enzo Elia (Hell Yeah): “Uone’s remix is nice!”
D-Nox (Sprout): “Uone’s is the one for me here! Modern grooves & cool vibes!”
Pierre Deutschmann (Blufin): “Butte Montmartre is very smoothie…”
Pippi (Defected ITH): “ Havana Original Mix is Hot…”
DJ Schwa (Shades Of Gray/BEEF): “Great package all the way!”



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