The Open Records guide to Earth Frequency Festival 2018

Excitement in the Sunshine State is almost at fever pitch as the mighty Earth Frequency Festival prepares to return to Ivory’s Rock for 2018 with four epic days of music, art, sustainability and community.

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Queensland’s biggest and best boutique festival always delivers where it counts and this year’s event promises to be one of the best yet for fans of techno, house and progressive, with a stellar line-up of acts from both Australia and abroad.

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To help you navigate your way through the weekend and the massive list of set times, we’ve put together the official Open Records Guide to Earth Frequency Festival 2018, including all the acts you need to catch across the festival’s stages, plus a few other fun things thrown in.

After a smashing debut last year, the Open Records Sunday session on the Subterran Stage promises an absolutely massive afternoon of cutting-edge sounds, but there’s plenty more to see as well – the world really is your oyster.

Lace up your dancing shoes, dust off your best party gear and prepare for the best weekend of the year in Queensland!


From literally the first set of the weekend, the Subterran Stage will be rocking with quality sounds.

After rocking the opening set of the Open session last year, southeast Queensland hero Cinii will instead kick off the Elements session and the whole festival instead with his trademark blend of dub techno grooves from midday.

He’s followed by an epic run of progressive, techno and trance tunes including Zenith (1.15pm), Vinny Xavier (2.30pm), Tranceducer (3.45pm), Arya (5pm), Fungophago (6.15pm), Zibell (7.45pm), Azrin (9pm) and Ryanosaurus (10.30pm).

Elements session Earth Frequency Festival

If you did want to mix it up a bit, there are some solid drum and bass, hip-hop, bass, glitch and dub sounds on the Earth Pod that night, too, including Jesswah (2.30pm), Afrogalactic (3.30pm), Lickweed (4.30pm), JFB (5.30pm) and Dela Moontribe (10.45pm) among the highlights.

All official stages but The Sanctuary close at midnight during the festival, so get some sleep for Saturday or head over there for entertainment right through to sunrise and beyond.


Saturday is one of the biggest days of the festival, but techno, house and progressive fans will probably do best to have a bit of a rest in the morning.

It’s a good chance to get your bearings, explore the festival and get some food and refreshments into you before the Main Stage kicks off and the party steps it up a gear.

Earth Frequency Festival 2017

The Sanctuary provides the musical program in the early hours and until first light, with names like BuBz vs Cinii (3.30am) and Elektropanda (6.30am) worth catching if you’re up.

The Subterran kicks back off when The Sanctuary stops with Disttractive (8am), Aya (9.30am), Lunar (11am), Trip Syndicate (12.30pm) and Triforce (2pm) providing a solid session of morning and progressive psytrance.

As the afternoon kicks in the action really ramps up, with the Earth Pod, Subterran and Main Stage all in operation.

Earth Frequency Festival Brent Randall

Most of the festival takes a break for the official Opening Ceremony on the Main at 4pm, but if you’re a fan of psytrance, you’ll want to head straight back to the Subterran after with Smiggle (5pm), Terrafractyl (6pm), Skwid (7.30pm), Burn in Noise (9pm) and Module Virus (10.30pm).

We would definitely recommend checking out the Main Stage program in the evening, though, as we definitely want you down at the Subterran on Sunday for the Open session and we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Earth Frequency Festival

Among an amazing array of live performance art, fire dancing and other interactive delights, you can check out amazing live action from Oka (4.45pm), Tijuana Cartel (6.15pm), Grouch In Dub‘s amazing live band (7.45pm and one of the must-see acts of the festival), Beats Antique (9.30pm) and K+Lab (10.45pm).

Despite the bombastic headliners, you’ll actually find the best music of the entire Saturday program back on The Sanctuary at 11.30pm with Melt co-founder APRÓ joining ever-talented cellist and DJ Wilma for an amazing collaboration.

Do yourself a favour and check these amazing ladies out, you’ll be thanking us afterwards!

Earth Frequency Festival Subterran Stage


We’re here! If you followed our advice, you’ll still be rocking to APRÓ featuring Wilma on The Sanctuary as Saturday turns to Sunday.

There’s a quality line-up on The Sanctuary all the way to sunrise with names like SymbioteK (12.30am), Zenith vs Witchdokta (2.30am) and mIDium (4am) the must-sees.

Earth Frequency Festival 2017

Whatever you do, we do need you to be fresh for an 8am start on the Subterran Stage, though, with the good folks at Dragonfruit taking over the reigns in the morning to kick off the best session of techno, house and progressive of the party.

Dragonfruit and Open Records will be collaborating across Sunday to make the session as special as we possible can – expect FREE fruit, cold refreshments and shade during the morning and the hottest part of the day, plus a Tutti Fruity and Roots dress-up theme.

In keeping with Earth Frequency’s environmental ethos, we encourage you to think about what you wear and focus on reusable, recycled fashion instead of cheap plastic throwaways.

Please ensure your glitter is biodegradable and you take home your props after the session to ensure maximum good vibes.

Rascal gets it started at 8am, followed by Kyle Burchill (9.30am) and Butterz (11am), ensuring an absolute stellar morning that will be very fruity indeed!

Earth Frequency Festival Open Records session

Label boss Jesse Kuch then kicks off the Open Records Sunday on the Subterran at 12.30pm, followed by Bassic and Circus Recordings lord Taya from 1.30pm in a feast for deep and progressive house fans.

Funk masters Moodswing and Chevy Bass then bring the grooves from 3pm, followed by the fat frequencies of Wonky Queenslander regular Zygotwitch from 4.30pm.

While we don’t recommend leaving the Subterran all day, we will give you a leave pass for a few of acts on the Main Stage.

Psytrance legends LOUD (10.30pm) and Tetrameth (12pm) are always worth catching, and Brazilian maestro Victor Ruiz (3pm) and Earth Frequency Festival director and Open Records DJ Paul Abad (4.30pm) both bring some welcome techno grooves in the afternoon (just don’t get stuck over there, you’ll miss the session of all sessions!).

Whatever you do, make sure you make it back for Bassic Records boss ZigMon as he returns to Earth Frequency from 5.30pm before our very own Ord Rede takes over at 6.30pm with their innovative brand of techno as the sun goes down.

After stand-out sets on the Subterran over the last few years, Melbourne’s Dean Benson again returns from 7.30pm, this time performing his amazing new production project Orpheyo Dragon in Queensland for the first time.

Slightly deeper and more hypnotic than under Dean Benson, Orpheyo Dragon performed for the first official show at Rainbow Serpent Festival a couple of weeks back and we can assure you it will be nothing short of landmark as he warms up for our Sunday international headliners Loco & Jam (9pm).

If you call yourself a techno fan and haven’t heard the massive, rolling grooves of the Northern Irish lords yet, you must have been hiding under a rock!

Brace yourself for a full 2-hour onslaught from the Belfast duo as they perform in the Queensland outdoors for the first time, bringing with them massive tunes on labels like Tronic, Suara, Transmit Recordings, Terminal M and many more.

Just when you think it can’t get any more slamming, the ever-reliable Jamie Grenenger (11pm) takes over the reigns to close in what is sure to be one hell of a finisher. Phew!

Whether you get some rest or head over to The Sanctuary or Wonky Queenslander for even more fun, thanks in advance for coming down and dancing with us.

Earth Frequency Festival Liam Hardy


We reckon after the Open session you’ll still be pretty hyped, so make your way over to The Sanctuary for the wicked sounds of Old Man River (12am).

There’s a lot of great acts in this session, including second sets from Dela Moontribe (1.15am) and Ryanosaurus (2.30am), alongside heaps of other great acts.

While you won’t find too much techno and house on the official stages on Monday, there is definitely plenty left to see and do, including a massive bass/dnb/breaks/dub/hip-hop session on the Earth Pod and some cracking progressive psytrance on the Subterran.

On the Earth Pod, we highly recommend checking out Elbow (8am), Ruffy (9am), Mustaphaa (10am) and Kodiak Kid (11am) – they are all stellar DJs and top blokes to boot!

The Subterran will also be rocking from the get-go courtesy of the crew at Third Eye Productions, with stellar acts like MorgazmK (8am), Birrang Miil (9.30am), Eartheogen (11am), Smoke Sign, (12.30am), Smilk (2pm – a must see!) and Hypnagog (3.30pm) closing out Earth Frequency in style.

Wonky Queenslander

While this brings us to the end of the Open Records Guide to Earth Frequency Festival 2018, it doesn’t mean we’ve covered everything – not even close.

The beauty of this event is there is always something happening in every direction you look.

We hope you enjoy the weekend and if you want any further information or tickets, make sure you check See you all in the bush!

Pictures: Liam Hardy, Yumiya, Cody Gray and Brent Randall


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