It’s official: Open Records has its own newspaper! The Open Tribune is a daily digital masthead, with all articles collated from Twitter links from the Open Records team & friends and a few trusted sources from around the world. How good the issue is really depends on how much gets shared, but as we add more and more people to our list the editions are bound to get better and better. We’ve found some pretty crazy stories pop up in our issues over the time, so please check it out and let us know what you think. We’ve also started a more generalised dance music paper called The Techno Times, also released daily via Twitter and email. It’s always extremely busy, on account of a 5000 strong list of dance music’s finest contributers… we hope you enjoy the read and if you do, please sign up as a subscriber and help us spread the good word!

>> Click here to check out The Open Tribune

>> Click here to check out The Techno Times


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