Timmus at Eclipse Festival 2016

Melbourne electronic shaman Timmus has been announced as one of the headline acts of Eclipse Festival 2016 in Indonesia. 

Taking place from March 7-11 in Sulawesi, the festival also features a massive line-up of talent from across the globe, including Grouch, Marcus Henriksson (Son Kite/Minilogue), Uone, Secret Cinema, Loopus In Fabula, Knobs, Eat Static, Xenoscapes, Oblique Industries and loads more.

A total eclipse of the sun is a rare and spectacular event that can only be experienced along a relatively narrow strip on the Earth’s surface.

Sulawesi is one of the few locations in Indonesia where the total solar eclipse will be visible with approximately 2 minutes and 55 secs of totality on the morning of March 9.

The path of the eclipse shadow in 2016 crosses Indonesia, starting at the Indian Ocean west of Sumatra.

The shadow then moves across Indonesia and out into the Pacific Ocean, with a maximum eclipse duration of just over 4 minutes south of Guam and the track ends north of Hawaii.

Indonesia is the only significant landmass that the eclipse path passes over.

For more information about attending this amazing event, check eclipsefestival2016.com


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