Ultra Sound 04 radio show from Matter

Despite only being in its fourth episode, Matter’s new Ultra Sound radio show is starting to gain some serious momentum.

The monthly show on Proton Radio is a journey into the deeper and more hypnotic realms of progressive house, told through the eyes and ears of one of Australia’s most exciting producers and live artists.

For this month’s show, Matter chose to showcase his own amazing works, from originals and collaborations with GMJ and Universal Harmonics, to a selection of remixes including his stellar rework of FunkForm’s Imprinted.

After listening, it’s not hard to see why Matter is one of the country’s busiest and most talented names in progressive house.

Ultra Sound 04 Tracklist
01 Matter & Universal Harmonics – Acacia [Unsigned] 02 GMJ & Matter – Atoms [Proton] 03 Platunoff – Monoland (Matter Remix) [Mistique] 04 Greg Tomaz – Dreamers & Explorers (Matter Remix) [Soundteller] 05 Funkform – Imprinted (Matter Remix) [Open] 06 Lost Promises – Air Strip (Matter Remix)[Stellar Fountain] 07 Cream – Iboga (Matter Remix) [Soundteller] 08 Dousk – Look Good Tonight (Matter Remix) [Proton] 09 Tech D – Changes (Matter Remix) [Balkan Connection]

For more from theĀ Ultra Sound radio show, check out protonradio.com


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