We’re official: The phrase ‘Bush Doof’ is officially listed in Macquarie Dictionary

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It is with great excitement today that we learned (through the good folks at Channel Nine’s The Today Show no less) that the phrase “bush doof” has now been added to the Macquarie Dictionary in Australia.

It’s nice to know that the activity that we’ve all been indulging in for so long is now considered an “official” part of the Australian vernacular. What’s even funnier is how Macquarie stumbled (quite literally) onto the phrase.

Dictionary editor Sue Bulter says she walked into a party venue in South Australia the day after a doof had finished, alerting her to the phrase. With some research, she was able to confirm it fit the criteria of the dictionary and here we are! Here is the full quote from Macquarie Dictionary editor Sue Bulter:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“Well that’s an Australianism… We talk about ‘doof doof music’ for dance music…you can hear it, ‘doof doof doof’, that low beat coming through…we have doof doof cars, and now we also have ‘bush doof’, which is a remote location you go to for a dance party. I stumbled across one of these in South Australia – the remnants, it had happened the night before – it was really amazing, way out in the bush and you’ve got sound systems and a big dance party: hence ‘bush doof’.”[/quote]

Double points to whoever chucked the party in South Australia. Do you know the culprits? Let us know in the comments below!


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