When a KIIS isn’t welcome: Australia’s David vs Goliath radio battle continues

Kiss FM

Beloved Melbourne dance music radio station Kiss FM has been engaged in a legal battle with the corporate bigwigs at Australian Radio Network (ARN) over the use of their name for some time now, but this week has provided a significant development.

Despite Melbourne’s Kiss FM being on air for over 20 years, with a well-established name not only in Australia but across the globe, Australian Radio Network (ARN) recently re-branded their Mix106.5 station “KIIS FM” (see what they did there!), alongside hiring Australia’s most-hated radio hosts/media personalities, Jackie O and Kyle Sandilands, as part of their rating battle with rival station 2DAY FM.

The new station started broadcasting this week, but news is just broke (via Beat Magazine) that following a successful online campaign, Kiss FM will now take ARN to court. The sides have attempted to solve matters outside court, but Kiss FM Dance Music Australia told Beat they have sent cease and desist letters to ARN stating it  “is determined to protect its name and rights and will do whatever it takes to do this as long as ARN tries to effectively steal the name and significantly infringe Kiss FM’s widespread and established intellectual property rights in the name Kiss FM.”

Kiss Off ARN

There are three things you can do to show your support for this long-standing Aussie radio station:

1 – Sign this petition [which Kiss FM will use for reference in Court] 2 – Leave a statement of support on the KISS OFF ARN facebook page.
3 – Donate to the fundraising campaign [funding the legal team and PR campaign], or contact the station to donate your support direct here.

What do you think of Australian Radio Network launching KIIS FM in the face of a long-standing Australian dance music radio station’s legacy? Let us know in the comments below! 


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